Making Music


Today I shared a song I wrote for you.  Writing a song is no different than writing a story.  Fluency comes with practice.  When you write a good story, it has character development, a climax or two, and it connects with the reader in some way.  Each instrument part I write into a song is like a character that interacts with the other characters to tell a story.

If you want to hear the song I played for you today, click HERE.

If you want to hear all of the songs I’ve written, click HERE.

Anyone can write their own song.  You have a program called Garage Band on your laptops that you can write your own music with.  Start with something simple and see how it sounds.  If you make a mistake, it’s really easy to fix on a computer.

Here is what my computer looks like.  It’s a lot fancier than Garage Band, but it really does the same thing:


If you’re interested in details, here is the equipment I use to make music: