Classroom Rules

Our classroom rules fall under three categories:

PERSONAL:  These rules help you be the best person you can be.

OTHERS:  These rules help you get along with others.

ENVIRONMENT: These rules help all of us have a clean, organized space to work and play.


P1: Always start each class prepared to learn, have supplies ready to go, and always turn in your very best work on time.

P2: Participate and follow directions 100% of the time with a good attitude.

P3: Do the right thing (be honest, even when nobody is looking).


O1: Be a good listener and patiently wait your turn.

O2: Use kind actions (no bullying, name calling, or inappropriate language).

O3: Respect the space, property, and feelings of others.


E1: Put stuff where it belongs (backpacks in lockers, return borrowed items, trash in trash cans, desk area organized, etc.)

E2: Take good care of school equipment and don’t be wasteful.

E3: Saving throwing / kicking / bouncing things for outside.

From time to time I will ask you to follow a “voice level”.  They are as follows:

The best rule to follow is good self-control.  If you forget all of the other rules, this is what you should try to do: